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Gravity Rush

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Gravity Rush Empty Gravity Rush

Post by DazzaFett Fri Jun 07, 2013 5:29 am

Well being that i have not been able to get on the PS3 much the past couple of months it hasn't stopped me from earning a few Trophies by grabbing 5 minutes game time here and there on my VITA.

One of the games that i have played recently and have now finished is Gravity Rush.
Its currently FREE on PS+ so you don't lose anything by downloading it and seeing what its like for yourself.

The Story unfolds via a Japanese anime comic strip which you swipe through to turn pages.
The Story is pretty basic really and some things you just have to accept as they don't really explain certain things however its not the story that is the most enjoyable thing about the game.
Basically you play a girl character names Kat (yes just like my GF lol) who wakes up in the middle of a park with no memory of pretty much anything. However Kat soon learns she has the ability to Shift Gravity so uses this skill to basically save the City which is under attack from the 'Nevi'
As you progress through the game you pick up or earn Gems which are then used to complete side missions and fix certain things in the city which then unlocks different challenges plus you can also use the Gems to upgrade your different Gravity Shifting powers.

Overall its a kind of love it or hate it type game and i sit firmly on the love it side of the fence as its just that little bit different from most other things i have played and i now have a nice shiny new Platinum to add to my Trophy cabinet

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