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My youtube channel

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My youtube channel Empty My youtube channel

Post by Guest Sat Jan 07, 2012 5:07 pm

Hello everyone,

I wanted to toss this out there to you guys. I now have a youtube channel available. I just upped my first commentary a few days ago. On my channel you are gonna see a broad spectrum of content from in depth commentary where I cover many different topics to reviews, previews, and others gaming related content. I can't post an external link for 7 more days, but if you go to youtube and search for TheJgrimes78 you will find me there.

As a new uploader to youtube I would like to get people from all my forums families to stop by and subscribe, like, and comment on my vids. I only ask this so that I may make the best vids that grab the attention of those viewing and hopefully they will drive another person or two to my channel. I will never know if i am on the right track to making quality entertainment if people to let me know, and subbing, commenting, and liking lets me know that i am doing an ok job. GreasedUpBadger already stopped by and offered words of encouragement and subscribed, I would like to see more of that from you's guys. I miss the people here, I was always treated very fairly from each and every one, I am glad to be back to a forum family that is more about the fun as opposed to making the forum seem like a job.



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