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Jessica... this is me:

Post by Jessica on Fri Nov 13, 2009 11:38 am

Username - Jessica101
Forum role - Admin
Real name - Jessica
Family/Children - Married (3rd time) for 7 years, one daughter - Rosie, aged 13 (going on 18)
Lives - Hampshire, UK
Jobs - 2 - Mother, Branch Administrator.

Fav Console(s) - ps3
Fav games - Cod4, Medal of Honor Airborne, Bulletstorm
Game(s) most looking forward to - Something we all want to do together
Fav band(s)/singer(s) - Meatloaf, Annie Lennox, Elbow, and Tracy Chapman, rather varying.
Fav songs - Perfect Day, Bat out of Hell
Fav drink - Woods rum and coke, or a nice well chilled wine
Fav food - Indian or Chinese
Fav Movies - So, so many.  All war films, thrillers and Sci-fi (no chick flicks).  Best I guess must be Good Morning Vietnam
Fav cities - Singapore, it's clean, bright, fun, cheap, and friendly.  I'm a country girl at heart really though, I'd rather be in the New Forest than a town any day
Fav items of clothing - My little black dress, or my combats
Car or Bike - Used to be bike, now it's a Nissan, that's what growing up does to you - beware. lol
Role models - My Nan!  She was just perfect.
Best thing you've ever done - Had my daughter.
The future? - Enjoy life, watch my daughter grow up.  Be happy, life's too short for anything else!
Describe yourself - This is difficult, I asked my daughter, she said "Bonkers" lol.  I'll go for - Amusing, quite intelligent, considerate, honest, and reliable, but I don't suffer fools gladly.  My patience is limited to children and animals.  
Lifestyle - I've grown up a lot since I had my daughter, it's not easy, but I'm getting used to it now.
Known for saying - "Oh bum"

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