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Return of the Jimbo

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Return of the Jimbo Empty Return of the Jimbo

Post by Darth_Jimbo Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:08 pm

Return of the Jimbo Dscn0211

Name - Darth_Jimbo
Forum role - Journeyman - Xbox to ps3 to xbox to ps3
Real name - James
Family/Children - Engaged and two kids. One boy and one girl
Lives - Southampton, UK
Jobs - Sales and Service Manager
Fav Console(s) - Xbox or PS3 or Xbox or PS3
Fav games - COD series, Ghost Recon, Forza, God of War
Game(s) most looking forward to - Dunno need to buy some more
Fav band(s)/singer(s) -Engleburt Humberdink
Fav songs - Birdy Song
Fav drink - Corona or lucozade (for football)
Fav food - Steaks
Fav Movies - Seems to be anything comic book related
Fav cities - Somewhere north of Hadrians Wall
Best thing you've ever done - became a father twice
The future? - Getting married in July, then I have no idea
Describe yourself - Way too laid back, but a strict father
Lifestyle - Unhealthy
Known for saying - Normally something rude or innappropriate

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Return of the Jimbo Empty Re: Return of the Jimbo

Post by Jessica Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:45 am

Love the last 3 responses on this, can't help but agree  lol! 

Good to have you back  Exclamation   mexwave 

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